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Triple Play Draw Poker

Triple Play Draw Poker may seem like a direct copy of Jacks or Better, but if you decide to try this game, you will discover that this casino game offers more excitement, and more chances of winning. Regular casino players will discover a number of unique features that will make Triple Play Draw Poker different from Jacks or Better and other video poker applications. One of the noteworthy features of the game is the availability of different pay tables. Also, players will discover that they are given the chance to try to play different hands at the same time, thus boosting the player’s chance of getting the top prize. In short, players who try Triple Play Draw Poker are given the opportunity to test their skills against 9 popular and exciting versions of video poker, Jacks or Better included.

Test your skills against 9 video poker variants, with 3 hands for every bet
Although Triple Play Draw Poker and Jacks or Better start with five cards that are dealt to the player, keep in mind that there are more differences than similarities. In this exciting video poker version, the player is given three hands, and these hands can be used in every play. The cards that are held in the initial hand will be used for all other hands. Once the player clicks on the ‘Draw’ button, the system will deal five random cards. Now, if the player does not use a card during the initial round, this can no longer be used in other hands during a draw.

A critical objective of Triple Play Draw Poker is the need to come up with the best-valued hand, based on the displayed pay table. When playing this game, the player will need to select the pay table, identify the bet and watch out for the desired outcomes. Some of the popular outcomes in Triple Play Draw Poker that every enthusiast should watch out for are Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Five-of-a-Kind, Full House, Kings or Better and Jacks or Better. When playing this game, the order of the cards is not critical. For example, you can use Ace as the lowest value card to come up with a straight, from Ace to 5. Also, the player can use Ace as the highest rank of the hand, like a hand with 10 to Ace. And one more critical feature of the game that helps make Triple Play a great game to check is its RTP, pegged at 99.72 percent.

Tens or Better

If you have checked out a video poker game called Tens or Better, don’t be surprised to discover that this game bears some resemblance to Jacks or Better. Tens or Better is actually a five-card game that is also considered a fun variation of Jacks or Better. Of course, Tens or Better also offers a different set of rules and gameplay, and it is important for the player to check out the rules before playing this video poker presentation. In fact, if you are new to video poker and also want to master Jacks or Better, then a good way to train your skills is by playing Tens or Better, a game with rules similar to Jacks or Better.

Get a five-card poker hand, and get a winning combo
The objective in Tens or Better is for the player to come up with a five-card poker with a winning combo. Now, the higher the value of the hand, the bigger the chance that the player can earn a large payout. When playing this card game online, it is highly recommended to first understand the hand ranking. The good thing is that the ranking is almost similar to other poker games like Jacks or Better. The difference with Jacks or Better is that the game’s minimum winning combo or hand is a ‘tens or better’ – thus its name. The best winning combo that you can form in this game is a Royal Flush, which means cards from the same suit, arranged in sequence. Players can also make a Straight Flush, which means five cards that are arranged in sequence in terms of value. Also, players can always hope for a Four-of-a-Kind, a Full House and a Two Pair.

To play Tens or Better a player must first identify the coin size, and the size of the bet. Once this step has been completed, the deal button of Tens or Better can be clicked to start the dealing of the cards. Now, the Tens or Better player is given a chance to identify a card that can be replaced. If a card has been identified for replacement, the player can just click on ‘Deal’. If a player fails to get a winning combo, the game ends, and another one will be hosted. But if a winning combo has been formed, a player now has the chance to bank the prize, or double the winnings.

Red Dog Progressive

Red Dog Progressive is one type of online game that offers thrills and a different kind of card-playing experience. This is often compared to other video poker games like Jacks or Better, but Red Dog Progressive has its own set of features and characteristics that make the game fun, unique and challenging. For a start, this NetEnt-developed game features a theme that reflects the old West, and is played using three cards from the deck. Red Dog Progressive is a different poker-based game online, where three cards are distributed to the player. Compared to Jacks or Better or other card-based games, the player of this game will not play or bet against the dealer, rather the intention of the game is for the participant of the game to bet on the cards’ spread. This is the reason why this classic card game is also called ‘Between the Sheets’, since the challenge for the player is to identify the spread that occurs between the cards.

Playing Red Dog Progressive
When playing the game, the player’s intention is to get a third card with a rank that is higher when compared to one of the initial cards given, but lower than the remaining one. In short, what the player hopes to achieve is a rank in the middle, hence the word ‘spread’. Some of the values used in this game are also similar when compared to other card-based casino games. For example, the cards that range from 2 to 10 assume the same values. If you get Jacks, then these cards assume a value of 11, and the Queens deliver 12 points. But if you happen to snatch the Kings and Aces, then the points shoot up to 14.

Once the wager has been set and the ante has been identified in a specified range, the virtual banker/croupier will then deal two cards face up, and another face down. After the completion of this step, the players participating in Red Dog will be faced with different options. For example, if two cards have sequential values, then the system will announce a draw. If two cards share the same value, another card will be dealt. No raise will be allowed for this kind of outcome in Red Dog. Now, if the face up cards show different values with different ranks (not sequential), the game’s dealer identifies the spread. It is considered a progressive because the player is given the chance to leave the winnings, and use the amount as ante for another round.

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